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Law enforcement keeping trick-or-treaters safe this Halloween

For trick-or-treaters looking for candy on Halloween night, local law enforcement are making sure everyone’s safe.

“Tonight, there’ll be a lot of people, a lot of pedestrians, a lot of children, and adults that will be out in neighborhoods and walking down our roads more than normal,” said Ward Calhoun III, chief deputy of the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department.

He added that law enforcement usually doesn’t see an increase in crime or accidents on Halloween because residents are already taking precaution to be safe. He says parents typically make sure their kids are wearing brightly colored costumes, that they exit on the passenger side of the vehicle, and that they look both ways when crossing the street.

“Historically, our concern is more about people getting hurt by children in the road. Normally, that’s not an issue. Our goal is to prevent that by reminding the public to think about these issues.”

He explained that being aware of one’s surroundings and respecting homeowner property also goes a long way.

“We remind people of what I call Halloween etiquette, which is simply if there is not a light on at a house, or they don’t have decorations up, you should assume they are not participating and to not go up to their door. Go to homes that have their front porch light on.”

The Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department reminds parents to check all candy before letting children consume it. They say parent should throw away candy that has any unusual packaging or strange odors.

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