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Radio host Rickey Smiley promoting new book

You may have seen him on TV, attended one of his comedian shows, or heard him on the radio… Rickey Smiley stopped in Meridian today. He was promoting his new book Stand by Your Truth: And then Run for Your Life!... and was signing copies at Books A Million.

“Stand your truth and then run for your life because some people can’t handle the truth. Sometimes you have to tell the truth and keep it moving because people get offended about the truth. It’s a great book because it is my truth. A lot of things happened to me. I was almost murdered. It took me six years to almost find my son. I went through a lot of stuff and thought it was a great opportunity to put it all in a book. It’s definitely a page-turner so you have to make sure you get it,” said Smiley.

He will travel to over 40 cities to promote his book. His next stop will be in New Orleans on Wednesday, October 31 at the Barnes and Noble bookstore located at 1602 West Bank Expressway. Book signing starts at 7 p.m.

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