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Crooked Letter Marketplace Ribbon Cutting

This afternoon the Crooked Letter Marketplace opened its doors, in downtown Meridian.

“Crooked Letter is a brand-new store in downtown Meridian that sells items made in Mississippi, " says co-owner Debbie Mathis.

Crooked Letter Marketplace is located right on the corner of Front St. and 22nd Avenue in-between the oldest restaurant in Mississippi, Weidman’s, and the newest Museum, The Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience.

“This corner downtown is the perfect locations. We meet people from out of state, from all areas of the country every day that come in our store. Because they are visiting our city, a lot of times coming to eat, or visiting friends or relatives. We think we are in a great location, and look forward to the future when the Mississippi arts and entertainment building is open too.”

The MAX should bring tourists, to the downtown area, which will help Crooked Letter thrive in the community.

“We have so many visitors to our area. And that number is only going to increase. And we just thought it was a great idea to offer those products because you can find those products in a lot of different places but not all of them in the same place.

Crooked Letter is currently looking to retail, Mississippi made items.

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