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Lauderdale County special election now underway

Lauderdale County’s special election for District 2 Circuit Court Judge and District 2 Constable is today. Residents can cast their votes between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Of the county’s 42 precincts, only 15 precincts will be involved.

“I want the public to pull out their voter registration cards and look down at the bottom of their cards. Here is an example of the card. Look down at the bottom, it will let you know if you’re eligible.”

You do not have to bring your voter registration card to vote, but you must bring a photo I.D. Here's a complete list of the voting precincts in this special election:

Full Precincts (All voters are eligible to vote in these precincts.)

1. Velma Young Community Center

2. Lauderdale County Annex

3. Spring Hill Baptist Church of Kewanee

4. Russell Community Center

5. Toomsuba Fire Station

Split Precincts (Only some voters are eligible to vote in these precincts.)

1. Meridian Little Theater

2. Poplar Springs Drive United Methodist Church

3. Meridian Central Fire Station

4. First Baptist Church of Lauderdale

5. Lauderdale Baptist Association of Marion

6. El Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

7. Frank Cochran Center

8. First Baptist Church of Downtown Meridian

9. Greenhill Missionary Baptist Church

10. M. Gillard Missionary Baptist Church

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