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MCC Veterans Day Program

This afternoon at MCC the community and veterans, came out, in support, of veterans day.

“Everybody came out today to celebrate all of our veterans that we have. Both past service members as well as current service members," says Captain Brian Horstman.

The program was filled with honor, support and recognition of us veterans, and Captain Horstman says that service the country, it’s a family affair.

“Well I’ve spent my whole adult life doing this. So, for the last 23 years it’s been what I’ve done and my family, my wife is an awesome supporter and my kids are heavily invested in making sure that I can do what I do.”

He says it’s important for us, to never forget, about those who fought for our freedom.

“Well the veterans have giving their whole lives. And some of them have paid the ultimate price obviously to support our county so. Anything we can do to help them out, and remember them. A lot of folks just want to talk and just want to hear you say thank you so, that’s the easiest way to make it happen.”

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