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Churches respond to violence in Texas

Meridian, Miss. - With something as horrible as a shooting happening in a small-town church, local pastors here in Meridian are on high alert.

"Ya know, we're a small town, that'll never happen to us. Ya know, now we've seen from New York City to Sutherland Springs, Texas- a community of just a few hundred people. It can happen anywhere in the united states. We have to just be keenly aware of our surroundings and just keep our people safe." Pastor of Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church Jeff Myers said.

With Meridian being a small town as well and full of churches, being proactive about security seems to be the main theme floating around local churches this week.

"A security plan can't stop something from happening, so we want to be as prepared as possible while still keeping an open heart for our community for those who are broken and hurting in it." Pastor of Faith Baptist Church Derrick Wilson said.

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