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Crime Into Perspective:Ratcliff Electric Theft

In part two of our crime into perspective series, Tammy Ratcliff, owner of Ratcliff electrical services, took to community watch, to get help.

“We had some fraud happen to our company with company checks, and I was able to post that on community watch. And I have been able to identify the person who stole my checks.”

It all started when Ms. Ratcliff payed some company business suppliers for their services, with company checks. She did this by placing the checks, in the outgoing mail.

She says, “And this individual, went into my mailbox and stole the checks and she used the checks at dollar General, Apple tree, bed bath and beyond and Walmart, in Waynesboro, and she forged the checks.”

Forcing Ms. Ratcliff to turn to community watch for help.

“How we found her was, at the Dollar General on Hwy 19, she went in and she tried to change everything on the check. And the lady in Dollar General realized that it was a fraudulent check and she notified me. We had video and pictures. And I used that, and put that on community watch. And I had over 200 messages, that ID’d this individual. “

And with that, she turned everything in, to the Lauderdale county sheriff’s department and felony charges have been filed.

The majority of my help, came from Community watch, that was the way that we id’d that individual.

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