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Father and son win special election

After last night’s special election, Ondray Harris Sr. and Ondray Harris Jr. are ready to take on their new roles as judge and constable.

“It’s great to me to accomplish something with my father on a scale as big as this,” said Ondray Harris Jr.

Elder Harris will serve as District 2 Justice Court Judge. Before the election, he served as the interim judge, following the retirement of judge Robbie Robinson. Prior to that elder Harris was a Meridian police officer and then the Lauderdale County constable for 25 years.

“I watched my father as a young teenager when he first got elected. I watched the things he did as a constable. It inspired me to want to help people in that same way. I always said when he finished being a constable, I was going to take his spot.”

Finally seeing his dream come true, younger Harris is replacing constable Chris McFarland, who sought reelection. He worked as a drafter at Structural Steel, Inc. in Meridian.

“People look for someone with commitment. That’s what I try to do every day, be committed to what I say I’m going to do, be a man of my word.”

The father and son duo say they’re passionate about Lauderdale County and have plans to further its progress. One goal is to steer youth in the right direction.

“I feel like our youth are being neglected to a certain extent. It’s like people expect them to be a certain way. We don’t command them or encourage them to be in the manner that they should. It’s going to take everybody to step in this thing.”

Another goal is to increase voter turnout.

“My desire will be that more of our voters will get involved. Having 10,211 registered voters and only 800 showing up that’s kind of a dagger in the heart for elected officials or people running for office,” said Ondray Harris Sr.

The two will start their new positions on January 1st. They will be up for re-election in two years in the general election.

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