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Culvert Collapse 2-year Anniversary

Two years ago cars were engulfed by a culvert collapse, next to IHOP.

“It’s been a constant battle, for us here at IHOP and for the employees," says Austin Halley the IHOP marketing manager. "They’ve had to go through several struggles with everything from their car falling into the hole to the condensed parking lot.”

Today construction crews are working diligently to repair the massive sinkhole. And now they are just months away from completion.

“They’re predicting to be finished in the next 2 to 3 months. Depending on how much it rains and any other unforeseen obstacles that get in their way.”

And ever since it happened, he says that the culvert collapse has caused problems for the business.

“Not as many customers are able to fit in here and it hurts them financially and now, it’s finally looking like we’re making progress and the construction should come to an end soon.”

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