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MPSD retired educators honored

“This is American education week, and we are honored to be honored," says Shirley Burton president of East Mississippi retired teachers association, as retired teachers were honored this afternoon, at the Ross Collins building, at Meridian High.

“Today we are being honored by Ross Collins for years of service with this particular organization. “

Teachers gathered in the Wildcat Café to be recognized for over 4000 years, of educational service.

“Today just contains the retired teachers, the retired educators. And we have over 145 members in this particular association. So, most of them will be here today.”

She goes on to say that education is the key to the success, of a child’s future.

“For those who want to advance and do better in life. To become more productive citizens, education is the key.”

And with low test scores for Mississippi students, she says there is still hope for their achievements.

“And I will say this, Mississippi students do well. Wherever they go, whatever they participate in, regardless of the scores, they do well.”

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