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Flare Shot into Meridian Home

“You could walk through a neighborhood and not even fear. You know, not even worry about anything. But now it’s like, I’m scared to go to the grocery store at night. Because you are thinking, somebody is going to do something stupid.”

Homeowner Denise Wright wants answers after a flare was shot into her home.

“I decided to get up to go to the restroom. And when I did, I looked to the left and I see a flame, or an ora of orange in my kitchen. And my kitchen window was on fire and my kitchen table was on fire.”

It all started on Saturday night when a flare was shot through this kitchen window. Igniting the kitchen on fire. And even with front porch lighting and this yard lighting, the community has to take the time to make sure that they protect themselves to stop these brazen criminals from terrorizing their neighborhoods.

“We were told by the police department on Saturday morning that one of the cops had gotten a personal phone call saying that there was someone going around Meridian shooting a flare gun. So, they were aware that somebody was shooting a flare gun, bot nobody has reported anything.”

“I got up to turn on the alarm about 12:30 and there was a blaze coming out of my garbage can. And it was melted almost all the way to the ground. I had to put it out with a garden hose luckily," says neighbor Stephen Cummings.

Ms. Wright says she did post to Facebook, "And I got a lot of response but nobody has said who did it or any links or whatever.”

She has already taken precaution with bars on the windows and wonders what else she can do to stop this crime problem.

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