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Lazy Acres holiday additions

From farm animals like black and white cows, miniature ponies that like to roll in the Mississippi mud, and Christmas trees--Lazy Acres here in Chunky has been offering a range of delightful seasonal experiences for the whole family. They have many activities for families to come enjoy during the holidays, but this year they are doing something a little differently. it's called "Lazy Acres in Lights."

Michael May, Owner:

“Every time we went to a light show, we would come home and say man we should do that here at the farm. So we’ve done that, and we’re real excited about it. It’s a tremendous amount of work, but it’s all worth it when you see that first kid come through the gate and they have that great smile and you know they’re going to get a true Christmas experience.”

Lazy Acres owner Michael May says they've built a new road for families to drive through and see the lights-- in from out of the cold. Patriotism is a major part of the display-- with a giant American flag in lights--- all 50 stars and 13 stripes.

May ought Lazy Acres from his parents, who started it as a Christmas tree farm in 1980. It's all about tradition-- that's being carried on to another generation--and in this display.

Michael May, Owner:

“The whole concept of Lazy Acres in Lights, we enjoy going to look at other Christmas lights, and we love being able to share that experience with other people. It was kind of a tradition for my family as we were growing up. Dad would always throw us in the car and carry us around to look at Christmas lights, so we continue that experience with my family.”

Lazy Acres will be open Monday to Thursday nights-- admission for the tour of lights is 15 dollars per car, or 30 dollars for a passenger van.

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