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VP Mike Pence visits Meridian

While most people gathered around a table today with their loved ones, sailors and marines here at N-A-S Meridian who couldn’t be with their families had a special visitor.

“My husband is in Washington. It’s very hard, but I’m very excited to have this unique opportunity to meet Vice President Pence. It’s actually a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. We’re both thrilled. My husband is here in spirit with us, and I’m very grateful for this chance.”

Vice President Mike Pence put on an apron .. and used this Thanksgiving to give thanks to and serve those whose duty it is to serve our country every day… and while some simply welcomed the responded with a small and a mutual “Happy Thanksgiving”, some took their moment to snap a selfie.

Now it was an extra surprise for the marines and sailors here today in meridian because they had no idea that Pence was going to be here or even serving them their Thanksgiving meal since they cannot be with their families.

Not only did he plate up dinner.. the Vice President also made sure to have face time with every one of the brave men and women in attendance.

“It’s great to have the support of the administration to come out here and take care of us. But it’s really all about the sailors and marines here today and their families. We try to put on a special meal for all the different holidays. It’s great that we can share that and take a break and share that with these kids.”

Military personnel expressed their deepest gratitude for Vice President Pence and his family taking the time to honor these deserving service members on this day of thanks.

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