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Mississippi Man of Year Nominee

“Men in Mississippi is a group of men, professionals who have come together to do great things in the community by recognizing those who have often been overlooked. Like the teacher, the coach that mentors the kids, and things in those areas," says Kenjuan Meeks, founder of Mississippi Man of the Year.

Danny Todd of Sports Ministries has been nominated for Mississippi man of the year.

He says, “It’s super humbling to be able to be in the same sentence as some of these guys much less being nominated for an award for them.”

Throughout the past year, Danny Todd of Sports Ministries, has been working throughout the community, putting on various events, to help different people in need. And now that he has been nominated for man of the year, he wants to make sure that everyone knows, that he is going to continue to work just as hard.

“What we do, as nonprofit organizations and people who serve the community, we don’t do it for recognition," he says, " But the fact that someone like Mr. Meeks has gone out of his way to bring us to the spotlight, it is kind of cool to be a part of and we do humbly accept that role and it’s pretty awesome.”

And here is what it takes to be a Mississippi Man of the Year, nominee.

“You, have to love the community, first of all. You have to be pushing positive things, for God, for Christ. This is not faith based, but it is positive.”

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