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Blended learning at MSU-Meridian

Local students at MSU are now getting the opportunity to experience a new way of learning.

“One of the reasons that we chose to go to some other online programs that were available," says Jeffrey Leffler the Assistant Professor of Elementary Education at MSU. "A lot of times students choose the online model because they think that it’s going to be easier than going to the face to face classroom. And really what that translates to is a whole lot of busy work that they have to do to meet the number of hours that are required for the course.”

​​ Mississippi State University is now offering co laboratory classrooms, where students can participate in blended learning. That means, that they can log in, from anywhere in the continental us, appear on a screen and participate in a lecture, as if, they are face to face.

“We are using this with classes that are designed for people who have jobs that they are working through the day. It affords them the opportunity to either stay there at work and log in with a high-speed internet connection or go home and log in instead of having to add the added burden of a commute to campus.”

Its innovative technology that keeps Mississippi State University so cutting edge.

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