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MCC to host annual Christmas Gala concert this week

Meridian Community College is no stranger to musical performances, and right now they’re preparing for their annual and very much anticipated Christmas Gala. What makes this gala so special is that every ensemble within the music department comes together to sing and play their way into the hearts of those who come attend.

“Throughout the year each ensemble performs and has a really rigorous schedule, but this is the time that we all come together to celebrate the Christmas season.” said Tammy Miles, Director of Choral Activities for MCC

With a big show like this, preparations are intense not only in the setup of all the Christmas decorations and taking them to the stage, but also in the talent that comes from within each of the performers.

“The music is a bit harder, and one song we had learned within a week and so that’s fun as well. It’s a bit more tedious, but I like it." said Altrevius Bell, music major.

“It’s very challenging to sing every day four about two hours and keep your voice healthy, so that is something I’ve had to learn to do. Also, it’s a lot harder to sing on a collegiate level because you don’t have time to spend hours upon hours on the same thing. It’s moving at a fast pace, but it’s very rewarding to get it done right.” said Tori Woodall, music major

These music majors are working for hours on end to prepare for the gala, but they could not be more excited about performing for their families, friends, and anyone else who will be in attendance.

The Christmas gala begins tomorrow evening at seven in the theatre, and admission is free.

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