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Southeast reptile show

Yes, you heard those kids correctly- king snake! The Southeast Lauderdale elementary students got a chance to see some slithery and scaly animals last night up close and personal.

Although the students got some entertainment and a good scare, they had to get crafty in preparation for this unique show.

Mrs. Ecbert, a fourth grade teacher says-

“Our students actually have been researching reptiles- all different types of reptiles. Even in the elementary grades they have learned how to do the research process. They’ve had to seek out relevant information, accurate information pertaining to their reptile. And then have to write up that information that they had to read and comprehend.”

“We did this lab book, and we had to do writing and put down our information on some cards right here and do some pictures.” -Sarah, fourth grade student

“I just think that a lot of our students, I mean, who doesn’t like snakes. And think snakes and lizards and tortoises and all that is interesting. We also wanted to incorporate science and kind of build that up. So that is just something we chose to do,” says Ecbert.

Students at Southeast will continue their quest in learning how to research, and the school plans on other fun and learning events like this in the future.

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