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A Christmas Story play

The Meridian Little Theater is used to putting on performances for the community and certainly holiday performances, but they’re extra excited about their chosen Christmas play for this holiday season—A Christmas Story.

“What makes it so exciting is that it’s one of those traditional Christmas movies that everyone looks forward to, like It’s A Wonderful Life, which we did last year and A Christmas Story. You just can’t have Christmas without those movies. So to be able to tell it here on the stage and to be able to act it out for the community, it’s such a wonderful treat.” Says Scott Stevens

A lot of hard work has gone into building the various stage set-ups from scratch. While the cast and crew have been working hard to provide the best possible show for the community, they are also doing something else besides acting, to give back. Stevens informed they are doing what’s called a “five for five” where if you come to any of the shows and you bring five cans, they will give you $5 off your admission ticket. And these five cans go to Love’s Kitchen for the holiday season, since there is a shortage around this time of year.

Stevens is playing the role of Ralphie’s old man and had to take on a different way of speaking in preparation for performing.

“Ya know, the old man, he has a very interesting language when it comes to working on the furnace. Trying to learn his language of explicitives is a very unique task to do, because it’s not normal words that you normally say,” says Stevens.

Performances will continue until December 5th and tickets can be purchased at

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