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Downtown Revitalization Project

“You may have noticed some of the trees on Front St. were trimmed yesterday, or cut down and it’s all a part of the overall downtown plan to make our business more viable, more visible, for those who are coming to shop and visit those local businesses," says Laura Carmichael.

If you hear loud noises, traffic is stopped, and trees are missing in downtown Meridian, it’s because the city is preparing for a downtown, revitalization.

“So, the tree’s, you can see the beautiful facades of the building now. And we are going to be doing some sidewalk work, you’ll see that coming soon," she says, "In addition to preparation for the arts and entertainment experience opening soon, so, we want to make sure everything is pristine and looking good for that big event.”

As the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience Building is coming to completion, trying to meet that April deadline, there are city workers throughout downtown Meridian, who are removing tree’s, fixing sidewalks, and rebuilding, to make sure that when you come to downtown, you will have a much safer experience.

“Lights and cameras being up, so that people will feel comfortable being downtown and shopping in the evening hours. It’s just part of the overall plan for the revitalization in downtown Meridian.”

And with the anticipation for the opening of the Max, the city plans to be prepared, for tourism in Meridian.

“And our job is to make sure that we do the things and put the things in place that make sure that they stay here and want to come back and visit again.”

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