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Local musician creating his own line of guitars

“Guitar work is just always been something I’ve done, ya know, sitting at home on my bed with like nine different guitar parts and bodies everywhere.”

For local musician Aaron Smith, playing the guitar alone just wasn’t enough. Not only is he teaching guitar lessons in his spare time and working at Meridian Underground Music, but he is now making his own line of guitars for locals to purchase.

“Making sure that everybody has something unique, not something everybody else has in town. You can come in and get one of our custom guitars that have different colors, different set-ups from like artist signature series. Ya know, something like that. Or just a regular, simple guitar for a beginner. Just trying to get those in the hands of everybody and get a local business built up a little better”, says Smith.

Not only is Smith looking to further ignite the music scene here in Meridian, but he also wants to push for a good environment to gather around the art of music he loves so much.

“It’s really good to get the youth involved out here, ‘cause ya know against all the crime and stuff that’s been going on, they can come here. It’s safe; it’s a good environment, learn actual skills and get talent. They come through and plan on open mic nights. It’s just good for the whole community.”

Smith says he will continue to get as much youth involved as possible with the events the store hosts on Thursday and Saturday nights along with learning music in general to create a positive atmosphere.

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