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Decking the Halls at MHS

Halls are decked, students are present, and learning is abundant, across the MHS campus for Christmas at Meridian High.

Marsha Iverson of the visual arts department says, “The kids made everything, we didn’t do a lot we just supervised, and everything had to do something with class. Like the snowflakes, we studied the polarity of water, how they bond together, and it makes a unique snowflake.”

The students and faculty in the visual arts department, were enjoying a blue Christmas themed hallway, in the spirit of the wildcats.

“We new we had to incorporate the music with the arts and what better way than Elvis, our homeboy.”

She goes on to say that the holiday decorations throughout the campus, has been calming, for the students.

“ There are some days we will turn the lights out before they come and go in the hallway. It’s like a winter wonderland for them. They are getting in the mood, they are in the spirit of giving, they are loving each other. We see it in this hallway. Having the 9th grade up here has just been tremendous, for the student achievement and looking to the future. “

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