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Andreacchio Death Update

It was just months ago that a national crime television show came to Meridian to profile Christian Andreacchio’s death.

“A Mississippi Murder Mystery. The entrance gunshot wound, was in his right temple. Christian Andreacchio, a young man in his prime, takes his own life.”

Or did he? Well Crime Watch Daily had questions, and by the end of the program, fingers appeared to be pointed at two local suspects.

“Those two individuals are Whitley Goodman and Dylan Swearingen and Crime watch daily talked directly to judge R Jones who told us he did indeed sign active warrants for both of them to be arrested for murder. If these are active warrants, why aren’t these two in custody.”

“I have no idea. It’s not up to me, if it was up to me, they would have been in custody 3 years ago.”

But it wasn’t up to him. And yesterday, a Lauderdale County grand jury has chosen not to indict Dylan and Whitley for Christian’s death. The Andreacchio family says they will still continue to search for answers, in the untimely death, of their son. From Meridian, Jeremy J. Ford, Twin States news.

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