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MSU-Meridian 2017 Fall Commencement Ceremony

“I’m graduating with my Masters Degree in Educational Leadership today," says Elliot Brewer who just received his Masters in Education during the Mississippi State University 2017 fall commencement ceremony, on the Meridian campus.

“It means everything," says Latoria Evans, "Like I feel like I worked my hardest. This semester has been the toughest one. But, between my job and school. I really was kind of torn between the two, but I’m thankful”

And, graduates like Ms. Evans, had a long journey to todays commencement. And now, after graduation, she is excited to call, Mississippi State University, her Alma Mater.

“I started at Mississippi State University in Meridian, back in 2015. I came here not knowing what to expect. I met a lot of people. Friendly people. People that was willing to help. People that were willing to give up what they had to make sure that I got to where I am today.”

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