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Northeast Lauderdale HS gets a B Rating

A celebration pep rally took place this morning, at Northeast Lauderdale, High School.

Principal Tim Moore says, “We had a pep rally to celebrate our school becoming a B school. According to the accountability model set forth by the Mississippi Department of Education.”

The letter grades are in, and Northeast Lauderdale Highschool has just jumped 2 letter grades from a D to a B. Showing excellence in academic prominence.

“It shows the progress our children are making academically. It says to our community and to our county and our state that we are progressing. It shows everyone else the kind of students and faculty that we have here at Northeast High.”

And it’s not just the school that see’s the advantages in high test scores, it’s also the community.

“There is always questions when people come into a community about where I want my children to go to school. That concept itself drives things even economically. House sales can be attached to how well schools are doing. Parents feel confident in what’s taking place within that school. And it’s something that they can get excited about.”

And here is what makes Northeast Lauderdale High School, one of the best schools in Lauderdale County.

“I think one of the things that sets Northeast apart is our diversity. It’s a good thing to be introduced to other people and other ideas. When you sit right in Meridian, MS, or just in Mississippi, you don’t always get that.”

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