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Christmas fundraiser for local firefighter who passed away

A well-loved and respected man of the community and Meridian Fire Department passed away suddenly on December fourth. Firefighter Jodie Kennedy will forever leave a beautiful legacy, according to his friends and colleagues. Deja Vu, a local clothing store, is holding a Christmas fundraiser for Jodie’s wife, Jessie, and three young children. They are having a gift card tree and toy drive. For every gift card or toy a person brings into the store, a five dollar store credit will be given.

“We’re just trying to make it a little less painful for the children and for Jessie this Christmas. They lost their dad, her husband. We want to make it as pain-free as possible for her.” -Amanda Cumberland, owner of Deja Vu

The battalion chief of Meridian’s Station 1 Fire Department had this to say about Jodie.

“Ya know, he was a great guy. I mean, he brought a lot of life to their shift and this department. I mean, he was kind of loud. Everybody knew he was around, but at the same time it didn’t bother anybody. He was very well-respected and perceived. And I know his battalion chief is having a harder time than most. They had a strong bond here and outside of the department.” -Wayne Cook, battalion chief, Station 1

“Jessie is a really good friend of mine, and I want to make it as easy as I possibly can for her. Jessie is a teacher and coach, and she would do anything for anybody. And I feel like I owe it to her to try to make this painful situation a little less painful.” -Cumberland

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