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Threefoot renovations have begun

Construction crews have set up in downtown Meridian, starting the renovations of the historical Threefoot Building.

“So, we are very excited, the developers team is coming to set up, the process for demolition and to internally gut out the building,” says Mayor Percy Bland.

With caution tape, heavy machinery and city employees, working diligently to gut out the Threefoot Building.

“There should be about 30 to 50 workers working on the building. So, they are going to be having a shoot that’s going to go up to the 16th floor. And they are going to work their way down from the 16 floor to the basement.”

A historical project that has been in the works, for the last few years.

“This process has taken a very long time. It was approved in September 20015 from the council. And the developer had to jump a lot of hoops. It has cost a lot more money than he originally anticipated.”

But the new renovations will convert the building into a courtyard Marriott.

Mayor Bland sas, “Of coarse it’s gong to have 120 rooms. He is talking about putting a, of coarse he is going to have a Starbucks and some other businesses on the bottom two floors. Up top he wants to do if he can a small restaurant overlooking the city."

Making it one more ascetically pleasing structure, in downtown Meridian.

“It’s going to be a to of work, it’s going to take 14 to 18 months to complete. But at the completion of it our city should have a new vibe.

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