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Enterprise school district receives A rating

The Enterprise School District has once again put the “A” in “greAt.” The district has now received, once again, an “A” rating. The school held a ceremony this morning to honor the students and staff. The state superintendent of education made a special appearance.

“We’ve got the most rigorous standards that we’ve ever had and the most rigorous assessment that we’ve ever had. So, for a district to earn an A, just speaks volumes about the hard work and dedication, not only on part of the children, but on the part of the adults to make sure that everybody is learning and learning at a very high level” Dr. Carey Wright, state superintendent, said.

This is actually a huge accomplishment for Enterprise School District because there are 144 districts in the state, and only 15 out of the state have gotten an “A” rating.

“It’s become the expectation for our district. Ya know, a lot of times getting there is the easy part, but maintaining that is where the struggle becomes, where it becomes difficult to do.

Because of the growth you have to meet and the processes you have to go through to get that accountability. But we’re tickled, we’re very please with what we’ve done.

Josh Perkins, Enterprise Schools superintendent, says the district is already setting goals for the next school year, and they are going to be aiming even higher.

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