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Poplar Springs Elementary celebrate their Giving Day

Students assembled in the Poplar Springs Elementary auditorium, for the 31st annual, giving feast.

“It’s a time to show that reading and writing is important, but you have to learn to give," says principal Lavonda Germany. "You have to get that Christmas spirit. And being able to give back to the community, helps our community to grow and it helps our children to learn, that it’s more than just yourselves.”

From bicycles to Barbie dolls, students at Poplar Springs Elementary have come together again, to make sure the children at the Wesley House, have a very Merry Christmas

And it’s a long-standing tradition for these students to give.

“The Wesley House, this collaboration was started 31 years ago by Ms. Sylvia Autry who was principal. And, we have just kept it going. Traditions are important to us, and the Wesley House does so much for the community. And we want to help them, to be able to do the great job that they do.

And the spirit of giving, is what she wants these students, to take from the event.

If it’s always about yourself, then you never get to experience what else is out there in the world. And when our children can learn to move beyond themselves, then they will grow as people and help the community to become a better place.

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