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Clarkco State Park New Years Guided Tours

Clarkco state park is offering a new years day hike.

Park Manager Tony Fleming says, “Well this is our first time to put it on here at Clarkco, and what it is it just to get folks out of the house and out of the kitchen and knowing that everyone’s ate to much this past Christmas, and get them out to enjoy the parks.”

Most people look to bring in the new year, by losing a little weight, and you can do just that right here at Clarkco state park on January 1st. One of Mississippi’s hidden jewels.

He says"It's great place to spend your day. We have about 3.5 miles of trails around this park.”

The walk gets started early Monday afternoon at 10. "We are going to have a little snack for folks to eat and hot chocolate and coffee." Afterwards, you will get a brief history lesson on how and why the park was built.

“This is a park that was build back in the ccc days. They came in here an put this park together in 1935, and they finished it in 1938. And if those guys hadn’t had the foresight to see what they could do here, and what we got now, it’s a blessing.” And a blessing it is, as you’ll be off on a journey through the park, where there’s plenty to see.

“You are going to be able to go past the cabins. Go through some of the primitive areas. Go past where we have campers come in and park. Just be able to view this park, and the layout and the beauty of it.”

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