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Salvation Army Opens it's Doors to Help Men in Need of Shelter.

“This weather I’m talking about, we don’t want anyone to be froze or anything of that nature. That’s what we are here for, to help the community and to serve," says Manager Eric Washington as the Salvation Army Men’s Shelter has open it’s doors, to get people out of the cold.

“This weather is getting colder, and cold weather is dangerous you know. This year, I’m quite sure you know, it has got colder, it hasn’t been this cold in a while.” And he says, if you are homeless, or caught in a bad situation, you can come on down to the salvation army men’s shelter, on B street.

“We have open our doors to anyone who needs shelter. This is a men’s facility. We will not turn anyone down due to the cold weather.” And once you get here, all they are asking is for you to contribute and respect others.

“Once you are here, the only thing you will be asked to do is respect yourselves, and respect the staff. No one forces anyone to do anything. Making anyone live under a spell or anything of that nature there. You will be treated with respect. That’s how we operate, we do the most good.”

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