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Homestead Exemption

Lauderdale county residents are now able to apply for their 2017 homestead exemption.

“Homestead exemption is a credit that the state of Mississippi allows the tax payers, as a relief from paying full tax levies on the properties,” says Theresa Bell the Deputy Assessor.

The Lauderdale county tax assessor has now moved across the street to the third floor of the annex building. And county employees will be happily waiting to help you apply for homestead credit.

“To qualify for homestead exemption, you simply have to own and occupy your home as of January 1st, file Mississippi income taxes and purchase Lauderdale county tags.”

She says, that if you have filed in the past, you don’t have to refile, unless there has been changes. “A change in marital status, a change in address. If you became 65 or disabled for the first time, you do need to come in and refile for the exemption.”

The application deadline to be completed by April 1st, and if you don’t make it, there is no substitute for the Homestead credit that you will miss.

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