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New Year's baby

While a lot of people are winding down from celebrations of a brand new year, one local couple is celebrating something else new. Mica and Alicia Reynolds welcomed their baby girl, Naomi Ann, at 8:04 yesterday morning at Rush hospital.

“It’s been exciting. She’s our first little girl. We have two sons, so to welcome our daughter and then to find out that she was the first one for both hospitals, first baby to be born in 2018 was pretty exciting. It was a great way to kick off the new year,” says new mother, Alicia.

When deciding names for their children, the Reynolds have a special reasoning behind the names they choose.

“We have picked Biblical names for all of our kids, and so I really liked Naomi. I like that it was different, and I liked what it meant—it means pleasant. So, I’m hoping that she carries out her name and has a pleasant personality.” -Alicia

While Naomi is peacefully asleep now, the delivery doctor said she entered the world in a not-so-peaceful way.

“She has been a spit-fire since she got here. She came out with an attitude and her little fists clinched and kicking. Anyway, she came out with not a very happy attitude,” says Dr. Virginia Nelson who delivered Naomi,

Dr. Nelson says the delivery went very well and that Mr. Reynolds has been very attentive throughout the whole process and that they were a very fun delivery.

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