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Bed Bath & Beyond remaining open

A little over a month ago, Meridian’s Bed Bath & Beyond retail store was preparing to close it’s doors, but over the weekend it has been announced that the store will be staying in the area.

“There’s a lot of people who support that business in our community. So, it’s always good when you have a major retail store that decides to stay in your area. And for us locally it means a lot because there are jobs involved, so those people get to keep their jobs. And then in addition to that of course in an economy standpoint, you have people who are shopping and are spending dollars in that area, so therefore it helps our economy as well.” -Laura Carmichael, City of Meridian

“The bottom line of it is that we’re glad the corporate decision makers did make the decision to stay in Meridian. Of course, a lot of people in this area from Meridian and the surrounding area use Bed Bath and Beyond. My family uses it, my wife is there all the time. So, just like the other people who are happy they’re still here, we’re very happy because it serves a great market here in this area so, we’re glad they made the corporate decision to stay in this area.” -Mayor Percy Bland

”I think it very well could have been a drive from the public. I’ve just noticed personally going by and seeing the store closing, there was a lot of feedback on Facebook from our community. I think there’s a lot of support from our community because it is such a popular business.” -Carmichael

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