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Update on Threefoot project

The historic Threefoot building in downtown Meridian might not look like much now, but with the new hotel project set in place, the reality of it being returned to its former glory is getting closer to becoming a reality.

“We met with Accent Hospitality Team, the general contractor, and some of the architects for the Threefoot Building Project on yesterday. They’re going to start the process of some of the rehab and the esbestos work. They’re also doing some stabilization; all of those things should start occurring at the beginning part of next week. They will be looking for people around the city who can be laborers and other things as they start to remove a lot of the debris and other things from the building. So as we get more information on how to contact them for that, we will let the community know. Right now we’re just very excited that work is about to start and that their crews are starting to come in and get ready for the Threefoot project.” -Mayor Percy Bland

Mayor Bland says everything is on time and that he was told it should take about six months for the esbestos and stabilization part to wrap up so the rehab of the building can begin.

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