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Meridian police new computer training

While the flashing blue lights can be a bad thing for some, the best training possible is a good thing when it comes to the Meridian Police Department. The department has started a new computer training program called Police One, which offers a wide array of benefits.

“If we see that maybe we’re having some trouble in our traffic stops, in our traffic stop protocol, we can assign the traffic stop training to everybody in patrol. And then Police One sends them an email that says hey you’ve got so long to go on here and take this course. So that way we can make sure we get that training out there to correct whatever that issue would be in that traffic stop protocol,” says John Griffith who is the captain of patrol operations with the Meridian Police Department.

This software has over 300 courses designed to cover every area of training within the police department. Only a little over a year as a police officer, Royric Benamon is already seeing the benefits of the program.

“It helps you in a lot of different areas. Like, each call is different, so with Police One it teaches you to react and treat each call differently and handle it in the type of manner that it needs to be handled in.”

The state of Mississippi requires every sworn law enforcement officer to go through 24 hours of mandatory training each year to maintain their professional certificates, and with none of these training facilities being local, the officers have to travel. However, with Police One, eight of these training hours can be done through the software program.

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