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Frank Cochran center turned into warming shelter during freezing temperatures

The city of Meridian, Lauderdale county, the red cross, and Mississippi Department of Health, have all come together in some part to provide shelter for those in need.

“Yesterday when we opened at 5, we were not expected to feed people or provide blankets and cots," said volunteer Doug Stephens. " At this time, through the generous donations of the general public and some of our local businesses. We are going to be able to provide a meal and we have blankets here on hand for people to use why they are here.”

City officials from meridian and Lauderdale county are currently accepting coats, blankets, and even pillows to help those that have come from the cold into the shelter, and will be staying overnight.

“We’ve got a warming station opened, to let people come in and get out of the elements. We are experiencing temperatures that are very uncommon here. this morning we woke up to temperatures that are 10 degrees with a negative 3 windchill. And what we are hoping to do is get anybody who doesn’t have adequate heating or doesn’t have a shelter to get into, just providing them a place to come and get out of the cold" he says.

And they will remain open to help, as long as temperatures and low and people are in need.

“We are going to stay open until in the morning. We are going to re assess it in the morning around 9 or 10 o’clock. We expect the temperatures to be above freezing by mid-morning. Once the temperatures get above freezing and the needs not there, we are going to shut it down.”

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