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Any Given Child Workshop

The MSU Riley Center will be hosting the Any Given Child Workshop.

Dr. Charlotte Tabereaux says, “The event called any given child is actually ensuring the arts for any given child."

Which means that the arts will be used to help every child learn. “It’s actually involving, hiring more teachers eventually over a period of time," she says, "as well as training out teachers on how to use the arts to teach any subject, K-12”

The any given child workshop is a way that students can learn through the arts. And soon this program will be implemented throughout schools across Lauderdale County.

“Meridian was selected as 1 of only 4 in the south, 23rd in the nation to be a city to implement the Kennedy Centers program Any Given Child. It actually concerns equity and access to the arts for all children." Which in turn makes a much better learning environment.

“This cultural environment that we already have will just be even better because we will have more of the arts in our schools and our children will learn more creativity and how to be creative. Because you can teach creativity.”

And learning through creativity takes place at the MSU riley Center on January the 30th.

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