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Michael Guest announces run for congress

Earlier today Michael Guest announced in downtown Meridian that he is officially running for the U.S. Congress in Mississippi’s Third Congressional District.

Guest is the district attorney for Madison and Rankin counties, and prior to becoming the DA, he served 12 years as assistant district attorney.

“As a prosecutor, I have a history of fighting for what is right. A history of going into a courtroom to representing the people of the state of Mississippi who are victims of crime, and I hope that I can take that same approach when I go into the halls of congress and that I can fight for our state.” Guest said.

The now Republican Congressional Candidate believes in limited government, traditional Mississippi values, a strong national defense, and 2nd Amendment gun rights. One of the main issues that he believes Mississippi faces in which he hopes to bring positive changes to, is the opioid crisis.

“The opioid problem: ya know, over the years as a prosecutor, I have seen various drugs come to the forefront; whether it be crack cocaine, methamphetamine, and now opioids. And with each of those drugs you have to take a unique approach to that. While we need to be very vigilant in law enforcement and we need to be out there enforcing our laws and arresting those individuals who are selling these drugs. We also need to be sure we have proper treatment facilities for those people who have an addiction issue.” Guest added.

Since being district attorney, Guest and his office have prosecuted 20,000 criminals and have provided law enforcement agencies with more than 20 million dollars in money recovered from drug dealers.

For more information on Michael Guest, visit

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