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New Destiny Church Playground Unveiling

New Destiny Church held a ribbon cutting ceremony, to unveil their new playground.

“Today are proud. We actually dedicated, what is called the safety proof playground," says founder La Baron Hegmon, " So we were able to take up mulch and have a professionally installed, playground turf. Today is the first day in which we dedicated this.”

The playground is now finished here at New Destiny Church, where the students can now come outside for recess and join a little physical activity, with educational learning.

“The playground is important because not only do we have a strong curriculum where we emphasize education, recreation is also important. Fitness is important. Obesity is a major challenge right here in Mississippi. And so we wanted to make sure that we had this component as well.”

He goes on to say that physical play has a direct correlation, educational learning.

“Well actually as we begin to expose them to numbers. As we begin to expose them to vocabulary. Than these opportunities allow us to connect those lessons to those kinds of things. Run, we learn to spell words. We have a spelling bee, every year. And so as they are doing those things, they are able to connect that to the actual lessons.”

And the new playground is just one more step in helping these special students, achieve success in education.

“We are so proud, in our academy portion, which is for 3 o 5 if your birthday is late. We have produced 3 of the latest in the prior 3 years, highest scores on the assessment test for kindergarteners. And we are thankful for that. And for the 3rd year we have had the third participant this year to score the highest in the school district.

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