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DT Grinders restaurant delayed opening

The opening of the anticipated DT Grinders Restaurant and Bar has been postponed due to a recent burglary. DT Grinders is currently undergoing renovations, and the tool trailer parked next to the restaurant was broken into.

“We charged Antonio Brown with commercial burglary. We are still searching for the second suspect in this case. This is a burglary that occurred at DT Grinders between the 14th and 15th of this month. Based on some video footage and our investigators going out there following up on some leads, we were able to take one person in custody. Like I said, we’re still searching for the second suspect,” said Sergeant Dareall Thompson, MPD

Thompson says the Meridian Police Department has been working very hard on this case and had warrants written up for both suspects by the 17th. The community of Meridian also helped in identifying the suspects through surveillance video.

“They did have their faces covered, but based on the community involvement contacting us with some leads, we were able to identify the two people in this incident.” -Thompson

Over one thousand dollars worth of tools were taken, and only some of the merchandise has been recovered.

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