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Crossroads Shopping Center enters Phase II

Meridian officials say that Phase 2 of the Meridian Crossroads shopping center, is moving ahead in full force.

“Colette development, they are still committed to the Phase 2 project at Bonita crossroads. We as a city are very excited to work with our developers when they come into town. And want to create new space, new businesses," says Laura Carmichael.

It was almost a year ago that a development company and Mayor Percy Bland met, to break ground for Phase 2, at the Crossroads. And now the city of Meridian is excited about what’s to come, with new development in the near future. She says, “Our role is to work with them side by side, hand in hand, to make sure that they are getting all the things they need, as far as permitting and licenses and things like that. Of coarse it’s a big plus for our community. Because, anytime we see new growth and development, weather retail or restaurants, that’s a boost to our economy.”

The planning of this project has taken over a year, but Carmichael says, delays, are just a part of the process. “With any project there is a chance of delays. There is a chance of things that you have to work through. Weather it be site development or anything like that. Sometimes it takes a little longer but we are still committed to working with them as they come in.”

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