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Kentucky Ham Meal

Members of First Christian Church are preparing for this years, Kentucky Ham Meal.

“It’s the Kentucky ham Meal. It’s a event at First Christian Church to raise money for missions, and charities, about a dozen of them, they are all local," says pastor Mark Benson as First Christian Church is known for two amazing things, number one, the bright red door and number two, the Kentucky Ham Meal.

He says, “Well this is our 55th year, to do the Kentucky Ham Meal here in Meridian. It’s a big thing for our church. We look forward to inviting the congregation to come. We look forward to the Kentucky Ham Meal.”

The fundraising tradition, which started in 1963, continues to be one of the churches biggest fundraisers.

“We’ve raised lots of money over the years for some great local causes, charities, as well as some statewide.

And almost all of the money raised, goes right back into the community.

“We donate to about 12 charities. A lot of them local. People will recognize the name. Boys and Girls club, the Care Lodge, Love’s Kitchen, charities like that. They are listed on our promotional material. The percentage is very high. I would say about 95 percent goes back to the charities that we designate.”

At just $8 a ticket, everyone is welcome to come out, and enjoy a great meal.

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