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Lauderdale County School Board meeting

While in the past superintendents have been elected to each district, this year the process is different. The Lauderdale County School Board is now beginning their search for a new superintendent by speaking with two organizations that go out and search for qualified applicants.

“If you have more people to apply, and you see the different assets that they have in leadership, then you have more to choose from and you have the ability to try to train them and make them aware of what our goals are in the district,” says the president of the Lauderdale County School Board, Barbara Jones.

The Mississippi School Board Association and The Performance- Based Education Company each gave presentations on their method of obtaining applicants and sending those to the board for them to then choose. Randy Hodges announced recently he will be retiring, and his main concerns are for the next superintendent to be highly involved with the community and to be a solid leader.

“The teachers, the principals, the counselors, the support staff, the students of course; so it’s a big role, and it’s so important. So to lead at the top, you must provide leadership. The district depends on it, they’re counting on it, and you have to deliver. Important job.” -Hodges

One of the biggest changes with this process is that those who wish to apply for this position will now have to provide more information regarding their resume such as years of service and other committees or things an applicant has done not only within their district, but within the state of Mississippi as a whole.

“Lauderdale county has a rich history of doing a great job when it comes to educating kids in this county. This will be no different. So, I can assure you parents, all the parents, that this board will take its time. They’ll get an outstanding superintendent, and I’m very confident in that, says Randy Hodges in response to those who may have concerns about a new superintendent.

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