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Meridian seeks participants in their Mardi Gras plans

The city of Meridian is gearing up for the Mardi Gras Celebration.

“We’ve been doing Mardi Gras for quite a number of years now," says Laura Carmichael. "I’d say more than 10. And one reason we brought it to Meridian is it’s always such a fun time in New Orleans and down on the coast where you typically see that type of parade and celebration going on. But we wanted to bring it up to east central Mississippi and west central Alabama and our region. And bring the fun up here and the festivities”.

The city of Meridians Mardi Gras celebration takes place Friday and Saturday February 9th and 10th. And they are looking for more individuals to get involved, to make sure it’s the best parade you have ever seen downtown.

“One thing we want to encourage is, we need more floats. We have several business and organizations who have signed up, but we want more because that’s one thing the kids and adults alike look forward to is lining the streets of Meridian. They are out tossing those beads.”

And being in the parade, definitely has it’s advantages. She says, “It’s a good way to promote your businesses. Or promote your organization. It’s very economical to get out there and have a float and support your community.” As everyone is encouraged to join in on the fun. “If you have a group of friends, if you have a crew of friends who would like to have a float, you can have a car or a walking group. Walking groups are $15 and if you have a vehicle or a truck, they are $30. So just come out and have a good time.

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