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Sports Ministries Softball Tournament

Sports Ministries is having 2 days of events, at the Chunky baseball field.

“The event is for 10-year-old DJ. Derek James is his name. And he has sickle cell anemia," says sports Ministries owner Danny Todd. “The next event we’ve got going on in Friday and Saturday, February 9th and 10th, it’s gong to be a softball tournament.”

But it’s not just to watch softball, It’s also to donate blood. They are trying to bring awareness to sickle cell and young DJ. Who has to do a blood transfusion, about once a month.

He says, “So, we thought it’d be cool to throw in a blood drive at that event. And the cool thing about with who he is within the state at Mississippi blood services, is, he has a bus with his picture on it. So, we are going to have that there, from 10 am to 3pm on Saturday February 10th.”

And with sports ministries being a staple in the community, they are pulling all of their resources, to help the best way they can. “We just wanted to come together at sports ministries and really try to help them out and bring awareness to both sickle cell anemia and raise money for him while he is gong through what he is going through.”

Outside of softball and donating blood, there will still be an array of activities going on, throughout the day. “So if you are not in to playing softball, and since we are already capped out on teams, you can come to the event, we are going to have full concession stands all day long, really good food. And also just come out and watch the games and support the day, you can donate.”

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