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Front Street Progress

“We will be working for the next couple of weeks on Front St. all the way to Constitution and 22nd," says MAX president Mark A. Tullos Jr. "On the sidewalks and all the ancillary spaces to Front St. Where people will be walking back and forth from our future parking lot down here to the front door." As the Max nears completion, road closures and construction are taking place downtown, and he believes, "It's going to become a real public gathering place on Front St."

Construction crews are working, to complete the revitalization of the downtown area, that’s before the MAX is complete. “For a few weeks of inconvenience here on Front St, we are going to have decades of enjoyment.”

Crews are still tearing up sidewalks, closing roads, and fixing buildings, to make sure that when people come to visit our new museum, they will want to stay.

“I can’t tell you how much we need small business to move into downtown Meridian. This can become like a mall environment with lots of shops and restaurants. We are going to be drawing a lot of people downtown with the arts center."

Street closures are expected to last for the next three weeks.

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