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Southeast High School installs new interactive boards

The Southeast Lauderdale tigers are roaring into the new year and semester with new technology. Last week the high school installed eleven interactive technology boards in-order-to further push the classroom into the 21st century.

“Now we’re able to have 11 interactive boards, and it really changes the way you can teach because you can bring in more media, you have touch capability, you can tectile and move stuff around on the screen. It keeps the students engaged and makes it much more interesting, especially in the high-tech world we live in. You can do a lot more with it.” -Russell Keene, Principal

Now while in the past students have been encouraged to leave technology outside of the classroom, with these new boards they can now actually bring their cellphones in class and use them. Though calculators are still on desks and books are still being followed along for reading purposes, when its quiz time, students can use their cell phones in-order-to answer quiz questions versus having to use quiz clickers provided by the school.

“Anything with bright colors and technology that these kids are growing up used to using everyday in their home and outside of class. Anytime we can actually bring that in our classrooms, it very much helps them to pay attention and to participate and just be technically interested. They seem to pay more attention now because we’re much more in tune with the 21st century classroom like we should be. I’m really excited.” -Kameron Burnham, 10th grade English teacher

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