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Fundraising Kick-Off Luncheon

MCC held a gathering of some of Meridian’s finest, at the Dulaney Room, in Webb Hall.

“Today is a celebration and also a kick off meeting," says Tim Hogan the president of the MCC Foundation. "It’s a celebration of past accomplishments and it’s a challenge for the organization moving forward to raise money again for this fine institution.”

Community leaders came out to meridian Community College, for the fundraising kickoff luncheon. The board of directors raises money, for the tuition guarantee program, which sends high school students to Meridian Community College for free. Hogan says, “900,000 has been raised for the campaign already this year. The campaign will end in march. Many years in the past this campaign has raised well over a million dollars, and we expect the same this year.”

He goes on to say that raising money for the program, is simply what civic leaders do.

“We go out and we fill a responsibility in education. It’s such a need not only in the United States but certainly in Mississippi. It should be on the top. It is on the top.

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