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NAS Meridian engages in active shooter drills

An active shooter with a hostage was on the naval air station base in Meridian yesterday. However, if you take a look at the blue, fake weapons, you can see he’s not real. The Naval Air Station participated in an annual “active shooter” exercise that is conducted by all navy bases in the United States.

“It’s important to do so that we know we are exercising our plans and the way that we actually do business. It’s important for our guys to dust off the rivets if you will, so that when the time comes and we actually have to put this into place that they know what to do.”

In terms of setting up the scenario, each base prepares by looking at the physical factors of their surroundings.

"Every base is different. Every base is unique. They all have their strengths and then their other considerations. Geography for us is an interesting part of our challenge. Our base is really spread out. You go to some bases and they're very compact, buildings right on top of each other. So for us, space provides both good and bad when it comes to dealing with these kinds of problems. And also it has a lot to do with proximity to town itself and to your other resources."

Other resources include emergency services other than those on base.

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