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Free Money to Lauderdale Co. Residents

The MS State Treasurer is coming to Lauderdale County in an attempt to return money to the citizens of Lauderdale County.

“In December, we received a letter from Treasurer Fitch, that outlines a program designed to return money to citizens of Mississippi," says county administrator Chris Lafferty.

It will be here at the board of supervisors meeting room in the lobby of the Annex building, where residents will be able to show up with proper identification and claim money that they are owed. “On February the 20th, from 3pm to 6pm we are having an unclaimed property event in the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors Board room to return money back to citizens of Lauderdale County.

Normally, events like this are used to scam unsuspecting citizens, but this initiative is coming straight from the Mississippi treasury department. He says, “We have had similar events across the state that has returned 60 thousand at some of these events. And since Treasurer Fitch has taken office, she has returned 79 million dollars back to the citizens since 2012.”

With the money coming from, "Excess taxes that people have paid, unclaimed bills that have been turned over to the state to give money back, unclaimed refunds, just a bunch of different issues.”With the purpose of returning money, that’s rightfully yours. “This is a great program, designed to give people back their money that the state has.”

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